The Solar Eclipse and the Temperature

The Solar Eclipse and the Temperature

Now that the great U.S. Solar Eclipse has passed through, it was interesting to see the temperature change during the event. Under fully clear skies, the eclipse began around 9:05 A.M. in Happy Valley, Oregon. The temperature on my Davis Vantage Pro2 (VP2) station stopped its typical morning rise and began leveling off at around 9:15 A.M., peaked at 66.5°F just before 10:00 A.M., then began dropping. Happy Valley saw 99.6% of totality, occurring around 10:18 A.M., and the temperature continued dropping until about 10:45 A.M., reaching down to 63.9°F. Once more full sunlight began returning, so did the temperature.

Included is my temperature timeline below (red line, green line is Dew Point) from my VP2 data as shown on The Weather Underground website, which I had to access remotely as I was actually in Salem to experience totality (it was amazing to witness!).  I’ve also included a few pictures of the actual eclipse from Salem, Oregon.



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    1. Thanks Nadine! It was such an interesting component of the solar eclipse. I had figured it would drop but it was nice to see the actual temperature line during the time. I only dropped 2.6° but in other places they were noting drops of 10° or more. I wonder what differences caused that?

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