Happy Valley, Oregon, Weather – July 2017

Happy Valley, Oregon, Weather – July 2017

It was an amazingly sunny, dry month as 26 clear days and 5 partly cloudy days were observed. Fog occurred only on the 1st of the month when a Trace of drizzle was observed, the only precipitation during the entire month.

PRECIPITATION: The dry streak that began on June 17th continued through July. As of July 31st, the consecutive-days streak without measurable precipitation had reached 45 days. This was the first month that this station has recorded no measurable rain since it was established in May 2014.

TEMPERATURES: There were no extended periods of heat this July, with only a single day having a Maximum Temperature ≥90° (on the 5th), 10 days reaching ≥85°, and even three days remaining ≤75°. Oddly, the high and low Maximum Temperatures for the month occurred just 2 days apart, 90.6° on the 5th, 70.3° on the 7th. Minimum Temperatures were quite comfortable for mid-Summer, with 22 days falling to ≤55° and only one day remaining ≥60° (62.1° on the 23rd). All Maximum Temperatures occurred within a 2 hour and 22 minute period each day (the earliest being 1551 hours, the latest at 1813 hours). Due to the clear, dry conditions, the diurnal range was wide this month at 27.7°, the maximum being 34.8° on the 6th (88.5°/53.7°) and 31st (89.3°/54.5°), the minimum 15.8° just a day later on the 7th (70.3°/54.5°).

The Max/Min/Mean July Temperatures: 81.8°/54.1°/68.0°.

Splitting the month, the Max/Min/Mean Temperatures were thus:

1st-15th, 80.7°/53.3°/67.0°;

16th-31st, 82.9°/54.8°/68.9°.

Looking ahead to the beginning of August, record heat and continued dry weather.

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